My favorite photo of Jimmy...

"i'm gonna make it go away, like it never happened
like the author ran out of ink, before you got to me
it doesn't matter, you have your answer
my breath upon yer hand
my breath upon yer hand
cos we're never far from another life
but i never wanted to make you spend the night
with yer loneliest thoughts
will you come around this time
will i be left here
ooh, love
when so proudly we fail and all the optimists sing
"yeah, we'll be that far"
when we'll be that far behind
it's the drug distraction(tm)
they'll scream when i kick
but for every moment that i get too close
to the faceless void from which i stumbled
it's only because my heart swells over
and i misinterpret it, i dwell on my failures
cos i had parents who taught me to love
yeah, love was something
they never knew
they never cared about you anyway
a hope vicarious, a captive audience
even the people that you call your friends
can fuck you over in the subtlest ways
it'll be your comfort that you're always alone
they never cared about you anyway
they never cared
they never care so much
as when you've lost your way
fire and brimstone where they lay me
heaven help us for a way to get out of here
ooh, love" -the velvet teen

The Velvet Teen - A Captive Audience