A photo synopsis of my day:

tea time on le balcony...

chrissstttiiinnne on her machine...

employee of the month or bust...

i'm a sucker for high tops...

purest perfection (look at the even break on the chopsticks, made my day)...

me and my homies...

pic reminded me of how i eat dinner everynight...

reminded me of an old steve olson ad in thrasher...

uncanny? didn't think so...




in case you missed it...

On the coffee table at my mumsies...

... NO



Thought I'd update while my videos render... I've been so busy lately it's ridiculous. I thought I'd have more time to myself when I left the company to work freelance but it's been non-stop shooting and locking myself in the editing room, I love it.

I'm juggling a few projects right now, wrapped the Snoop Dogg video last week and they loved it. Working on a projection mapping video for a sneaker company right now and a couple promo's then a time lapse project next week.

*EXTRA EXTRA! Just locked down some work in Texas for SXSW! I'll be flying out in two weeks.

Anyway, I found this beautiful ad for Peroni, its an homage to Fellini...




A little something Frank and I did a few months back...

Just a song we wrote that night and B-roll I shot at the Long Beach harbor.






I am deeply saddened by the news that I've just read.

The most iconic fashion houses to me have always been Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme collection and Takahiro Miyashita's Number (N)ine collection. I really was never moved by fashion before these two. Albeit their influences usually draw from the darker side of life (thematic use of noir, both figuratively and literally), they have always induced forward thinking. Hedi Slimane left Dior Homme last year and now Number (N)ine has announced their final collection (Fall 09).

I first found out about Number (N)ine through a Japanese publication called Men's Non-No. The main allure for me was how it was effortlessly cool, the dark aesthetic and the romanticizing of the average person. It wasn't until I saw and felt the garments in person that I was able to understand the level of detail that was infused into each piece. Jackets with 9 buttons on the sleeves representing the Number (N)ine motif, yet each button is different in shape and color and all functional. The inner neck detail on the shirts and wovens, music notes dancing on a white canvas... Kurt Cobain's music. Hand made Rx glasses made of wood and acetate. Boots, made from the finest hides yet distressed to vintage wear. Garments that are so avant-garde and hard to find that only the most discriminating fan would/could wear them.

Takahiro Mayashita started his line 12 years ago with the name of a Beatles song and a mantra that few could understand and appreciate. He opened his flagship store in Tokyo off the beaten path so that people would have to actually look for it. And when the store became too busy he moved it to an even more remote local. He is a purveyor of couture and I feel he reinvigorated mens fashion with his collections. He wrote a letter to a Japanese publication recently announcing the demise of Number (N)ine. He opened with these words: "When you're finished changing, you're finished". That statement embodies so much, perhaps enough to live by.

Tokyo Store

N(N) Logo

Where it all started for me...

Final Collection

"When you're finished changing, you're finished" - Takahiro Miyashita



I can understand why women gravitate towards Audrey Hepburn, she's cute, eloquent and undeniably a fashion icon. What I find ironic is the story of Breakfast at Tiffany's, most understand it as a charming love story... what few come to realize is that Holly is a whore.

Sad but true.



I drove up to LA five times this week for work. I should probably consider moving there if this persists, perhaps a loft in old town Pasadena or I could go make some noise in Brentwood. I'm heading up to Woodland Hills in a bit to have lunch with my uncle and maybe catch a drink with baby spice.

*The Rentals cover of Weezer's B-Side "I just threw out the love of my dreams"
**Rivers wrote it from a girls perspective so he felt odd singing it, that's where Rachel Haden comes into play buuut you can still hear Rivers on backing vocals. Boom.



It's rather rare nowadays that I get to fully enjoy a DJ set and just get down, last night was one of those nights...

Rendezvous'd with the fakeRICH boys around 9:30 and headed out to the venue for our buddy Dan Oh's set (birthday boy) and a few special guests.

Fischerspooner was amazing, he was slated to do a DJ set but treated the crowd to a few performances. His concerts are usually or I should say unusually elaborate, I'll see if I can dig up some photos from the show I caught in Ibiza. The highlight of his set last night was him singing "Emerge" on top of the table, posing much like Andy Bell of Erasure (nearly knocking himself and the decks/laptops off), he kept saying it was old and that no one wanted to hear it... The crowd went off the wall.

What truly blew my mind last night was Danger's set, he rocked the haus until 3AM (no one left the building until the last song). So ill...

France 2008

Let the kids disko,



The day started off much slower than I would've liked with me cleaning up around the apartment. Then I lined up the rest of my meetings for the week and locked down my itinerary for the night before heading down south to have dinner with my brother. It was definitely nice to have a home cooked meal, which reminds me... I need to learn how to make things besides sweets. I was able to catch the semi-fnale of Top Chef which was rad, I'm pretty stoked to see how it all ends. I really hope that Jean-Pierre-Le-Douch Stephan gets the boot. Once again I lagged on editing this weeks show, I will be running it in first thing in the morning on the day it airs, as always... On the bright side, it ended up looking and sounding much better than the last episode.

Tonight was pretty interesting, I was pretty much all over LA shooting... at The Roxy, in a cab, and finally at a rager in Hollywood. The product of these adventures will soon surface, not to worry...

As for now, I lay in bed with a churro and the sweet sounds of Phoenix winding it all down...


*Story of my life
**FInally found a super duper HQ version of the video!
***New album dropping soon




So in the Rat Pack I'm the young buck, and they are always looking out for me. Especially when it comes to passing on the savings on the essentials at the apartment. Yuki and B kept telling me to head down to the Bristol Farms in Mission Viejo. Come to find out they are closing and everything in the store is 75% off and all alcohol is 40% off. Lilo and I drove down and picked ourselves up a healthy dose of dark chocolates, pasta and beverages (my favorite french sparkling pink lemonade... on the cheap). I pretty much cleared them out on the sweets but if you're into wine you need to make the trek.

After errands today I revisited one of my favorite movies with a friend, Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. An animated epic without dialogue, but instead narrated by Daft Punk's "Discovery" album in its entirety... amazing. Next up is a legit verson (w/o production timecode) of Electroma.

I had a planned shoot tonight at Cinespace for Dim Mak but it was moved until much later in the night. John decided to come out with me last minute. It was a bit weak at the venue but as always, we made the best of it. Grabbed some late night Thai food after on Hollywood. On the way home The Get Up Kids started playing on my Ipod so we reminisced about the emo classics (real emo not emo emo)...

*Girl on the phone is such a Betty (ahh the 90's steeze)

Goodnight, or actually Goodmorning.



is as easy as...


Santoka number 9 + extra oil never lets me down =)


Neither does $11.60 worth of mysterious Japanese candy


Chocoloate birth control pills? Yummm



Finally pulled my bike out of the shed the other day. She started up on the third kick after sitting for 4 months! Japanese engineering at it's finest (and most rudimentary).

A beautiful day to ride...

A horrible day to ride...

It was a clear day until I left my meeting to find my bike soaked in the parking lot. Riding in the rain is actually fun until you get on the freeway and get pelted with rain drops at 80mph. My Levi's 510's shrunk quite a bit, tiiight, literally.



Artist KAWS will be showing at the Honor Fraser gallery in LA this Saturday.

image: honeyee/KAWS

Opening reception: 6-8pm

2622 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90034
T: 310.837.0191
F: 310.838.0191



just popped like... LIGHTBULBS!

From Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme runway show a few years back.

Today was another long day, stayed up all of last night editing a show to be aired at 11:30AM today... I barely made it but atleast I caught a great lunch and ran into some old friends at the local market. About to head out to West Hollywood for a friends birthday, raaad...



Earl Grey Tea + Steamed Milk + Vanilla Syrup = London Fog

I had a long day today and found myself all over the place. Atleast the day started off gradually with Adele on blast and a cup of tea. I got some editing done but had to head out to meet with my brother. Then I shot back up to Q's studio for a Dim Mak shoot where I got some more work done on my video but more so had a good time with the girls. Missed dinner and cruised up to LA just in time to catch the Cat Power show. Back at home now and I'm where I started, Adele sans Mr. Grey. It's okay I'll pay a visit in the morning...

The rain tonight was a bit of a random treat.

I was mindlessly perusing my blogroll when I stumbled upon these trousers (and Harry Potter)...

image: the sartorialist

I need those in my life.



Two things that greatly inspire my everyday life, style and film. The colloborative efforts of my favorite outfitter and director has yielded this product...

image: oki-ni

A limited range of postcards, posters and tee's were created from Wong Kar Wai's photographs to promote his first full length english film, 'My Blueberry Nights'.

As a cinematographer and editor I have gained much appreciation for Wong Kar Wai's body of work. His films strike you with vivid imagery and weaving storylines all of which set a mood, the mood for love. Do yourself a favor and watch atleast one or all of the following: "Chungking Express', 'In the Mood For Love' and '2046'.

Opening Ceremony is easily my favorite boutique/outfitter in LA, I can lose myself there for hours but I'll leave the details for your own visit.

Opening Ceremony
451 North La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
tel. +1 310 652 1120



Two years later I'm back on this blog. I remember starting this when I was to depart to NYC as a way to communicate randomness to my friends on the west coast. Well things have changed and will continue to, you can see it all here...

Anyway I just finished this promo for the COLOSSAL KNXN boys, teaLONG and BbGUNS aka tony and brandon aka your favorite dj's...

Tonight I'll be working on some bread and butter projects and the SNOOP DOGG X SKULLCANDY video.