Edward Scissor Hands x The Cure

Anyone notice the resemblance between Edward Scissor Hands and Robert Smith of The Cure?



Uncanny isn't it?

I really do enjoy the movie though, definitely my choice Burton movie.

The story portrays the reclusive Edward (Johnny Depp) and the angst he endures as he experiences the trials and tribulations of suburban life (and if you didn't know, now you know). Plus Winona Ryder is a betty in the movie.

Random Notes:

Johnny Depp came out to LA as a homeless rockstar, his good friend Nick Cage took him in and introduced him to acting. Depp's first role was in Nightmare on Elm Street. After his relationship with Winona Ryder fell apart he had his "Winona Forever" tattoo altered to "Wino Forever", the guy is tops in my book.


The 20 Year Rule

It's funny how the past is the nouvelle. Kids rockin' Wayfarers, 80's inspired designs and colorways, savvy diggers at your local thrift store, fixed gear bicycles...

image: Supreme

image: Commissary

image: fixedgeargallery

It's all inevitable but I can surely appreciate those that know the history of the trends that they're represnting/following.